These Are the Different Visa Options and Requirements for Your Thai Sweetheart

Before I go into detail about the necessary paperwork that you need to present during visa application, allow me to underscore the importance of obtaining them early. It is imperative that all your proofs are in order before you go through the actual process. Failure to do so might lead to losing your chances of ever getting that pass into Sweden.

Regardless of the type of visa you are aiming to apply for, the following must be obtained:

1. A passport or some other similar document that is valid for a minimum of three months beyond the scheduled departure to Sweden. Keep in mind that the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok will not accept inserted blank pages. Hence, the passport must have at least two blank pages where a visa can be attached. If this is not possible, then a new one needs to be obtained.

2. A completed application form that is appropriate to the type of visa which you’d be applying for. Additionally, a supplementary form should also be included, along with two passport-sized photographs. Note that digital images are not allowed. All proofs of your affinity to Thailand (i.e. birth certificate) should have English translations if they’re worded in Thai.


Insurance for Travel

Visitors to Sweden are required to have medical insurance . A policy that is either based in Europe or Thailand can be submitted. If you are opting for the latter, find out whether your provider is included in the list of accepted insurance companies. Coverage must at least be in the value of 1.5 million baht or 30,000 Euro.

It should be able to pay for hospitalization, medical treatments, and repatriation due to an illness or injury. The said limits must be valid up to the total duration of the visit.

Finally, reimbursement from your insurance company needs to be payable valid and payable in any EU-country.

Once approved, always carry important paperwork with you when travelling about within Sweden, as these would need to be subject to periodic inspection.

Basic Guides for Visa Applications

I’ve already shared with you a rundown of the paperwork that is necessary in order to obtain a visa to Sweden. It is my belief that all first time visa applicants should have a good understanding of the importance of such a document. In order to do that, one ought to start familiarizing himself or herself with the basics first.

The Definition

A visa is defined as a kind of permit that is mandatory for a visitor to enter and remain in Sweden, as well as in the other Schengen countries. Since the Swedish government has taken part in the Schengen cooperation, it therefore issues the same visa as the other 25 European nations who are part of the said agreement. The latter pertains to the combined area that has done away with immigration controls.

As a result, an entry pass that is valid in Sweden can be used in Austria or Belgium. It’s worth noting though that there are exceptions to this. In some cases, the Schengen visa may only be valid for entry into other member states, if the passport of the holder is not approved by them.

Some of the most common reasons for visiting Sweden include:

• For leisure purposes (tourist)

• For business

• Visit friends and relatives

• Take part in a conference

• Transit the country


The Validity

This kind of permit is time limited; specifically it covers a period that consists of 90 days maximum stay within a 6 month period. Hence, a person who has spent a total of 3 months within the period of half a year should leave Schengen territory until a new visa can be issued.

Meanwhile, it is possible for a multiple entry visa to be obtained in such cases where one or both parents are visiting their children or in connection with recurring business visits. Validity of this type of permit can be up to 5 years.


The Guidelines for Extension

If a person who is visiting Sweden would like to extend his or her stay beyond the prescribed three month period, it would then be necessary to apply for a residence permit. On other hand, if there is prior knowledge that the trip would exceed 90 days, then the application made should be for a D-visa.

Other scenarios wherein a stay in the said country maybe extended are:

• Strong personal reasons

• Force majeure

• Humanitarian grounds


The Role of Embassies and Consulates

The Swedish Embassy or consulate general is in charge of examining visa applications and approving them, based on merits found. Consequently, the Swedish Immigration Board makes a decision in situations when either one is unable to do so.

Finally, legal grounds are determined by any of these three judicial bodies.

• Migration Court

• Migration Court of Appeals

• Court of Justice of the European Union (for matters pertaining to the Community Code on Visas)


Given the information above, I hope that the reader is now equipped with the basic knowledge of Swedish visas. From one proud Thai to another, I cherish the thought of having been able to help you understand this part of the process a bit better. Now that you know, you‘d be in a better position to identify the type of permit you would need to apply for.

As you may know already, Thai women who want to take a trip to Sweden with their beloved farang can choose between two options. First, there’s the class-C or what is commonly known as the tourist visa. And second is the national visa or class-D. I’m going to discuss each of these in detail in the succeeding paragraphs.

1. C-Visa

This kind of permit is issued for non-Swedish citizens who wish to spend time in the country for a period that will not exceed 90 days. This is the one that is issued to individuals who visit Sweden for the purpose of fun and recreation.

Application forms are submitted to the appointed Visa Application Centers (VFS Global). This facility typically charges a service fee of 2 Euro (76 baht). However, applicants who wish to submit their requirements directly to the Visa Section of the embassy can call at

(+38) 044 594 96 23 or (+38) 050 117 90 51 to schedule an appointment.

The following requirements are needed when applying for a C-visa:

1. A recent colored photograph (35×45 mm) that shows true likeness to the applicant. It must reveal the entire face and be taken against a plain background that’s evenly lit.

2. Travel documents (e.g. passport) that are valid and signed for a minimum of 90 days after the scheduled return date. These should be issued within the last ten years and have two empty pages where the visa would be affixed.

3. Round-trip ticket

4. A maintenance certificate showing that the applicant has sufficient financial means. This can be in the form of traveler’s checks or a bank certificate.

5. An official reference from the company or firm where the applicant is employed.

This particular document should state the following information:

a) Exact occupation or role in the company

b) Number or years with the firm

c) Employer’s contact information

d) Present salary

e) Clearly stated vacation entitlement

For private entrepreneurs, you need to submit your business registration certificate and a statement showing the declared income.

6. Medical insurance

7. Filled out form for family details

2. D-Visa

This permit grants the holder permission to remain in Sweden beyond the prescribed three month period. It may be issued during the allotted half-year for certain special circumstances. On other hand, if the visa owner would like to live in Sweden permanently, then a separate residence permit should be obtained. Take note that this type of national visa is strictly for visitation purposes only.

The maximum extension that a D-visa can provide is up to a year. Since this is considered as a national visa, the holder would be able to travel through the Schengen area in pretty much the same way that a person with a residence permit can.

Staying in other countries who are party to the agreement can be as long as 90 days, within a half-year period. Note that for this kind of visa, there is no requirement for medical travel insurance. This is because the hospitalization expenses and treatment, in the event of an unforeseen accident, at this stage is already quite expensive. Finally, the supplementary travel documentation (e.g. passport) must also be valid as the same period of the visa.

For more information on the other matters pertaining to visa application, check out the link provided below:

When one is equipped with the right knowledge, visa processing can be a stress-free ordeal for beginners. Just be sure to act proactively. Never hesitate to ask questions and always let the embassy representative explain a portion of the instructions that might not be all that clear.


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