These Are Important Information You Should Know About Swedish Embassy and Offices in Thailand

The Swedish Embassy is located in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. It is considered as a diplomatic office that comprises of several departments. Thailand and Sweden has long since established good diplomatic relations with each other; a relationship which was formalized in 1883. This relationship goes further back though, as it was in 1868 when both countries had signed an agreement signifying their eternal friendship. The 140th anniversary of this agreement was celebrated in 2008.

Today, the Swedish Embassy in Thailand is one of Asia’s largest Swedish embassies, whose presence serves as representation not only in Thailand but also as a regional mission to other neighboring Asian countries. As a matter of fact, Sweden’s ambassador to Thailand is side-accredited to Laos, Philippines, and Myanmar, which means that he is also the Swedish ambassador to the said countries even though he is based in Thailand.

In addition to the Embassy in Bangkok, Sweden has a presence in other areas in the country as Honorary consulates and these are in Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai.

The Embassy’s Priorities and Activities

The primary role of Mr. Klas Molin, the Swedish Ambassador to Thailand, is the strengthening of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Sweden. This relationship concerns not only contacts between the two governments, but also between the organizations, companies, and citizens of both sides. In addition to its function in Thailand, the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok handles the crisis response management for other Swedish representations in the region.

Meanwhile, the Embassy’s consular sections that have been established are aimed at supporting Swedish citizens who might need consular support in Thailand. Since the Land of Smiles is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Swedish citizens, consular activities in the region are also considered as one of the Embassy’s highest priority responsibilities.

On the other hand, each year sees increasing numbers of Thais who wish to visit Sweden. In order to do so, they contact the Embassy of Sweden’s visa section to apply for residence or visa permits, whether for temporary or permanent stays. It is the main Embassy in Bangkok that processes most of the migration concerns annually, with the support of the consulates.

As for the political relationship between both countries (Sweden and Thailand), it is the Swedish Embassy’s political section that’s responsible for maintaining open lines of communication with Thai authorities and organizations. This section is also responsible for analyzing significant political events of Thailand and its neighboring nations and reporting the information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm. As for the economic relationship between both countries, the Embassy’s commercial section is primarily responsible for this aspect. One of its functions is to promote the trade between Thailand and Sweden. For example, it aims to help Thai companies interested in Swedish market prospects and vice versa; not to mention it maps out any business opportunities between the two countries.

In August 2011, the responsibility for Sweden’s regional development cooperation in the Asian region has been assigned to the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok. As for the dissemination of information in Thailand about Sweden, the responsibility was assigned to whoever is in charge of Cultural and Press Issues in the embassy.

Furthermore, in order to help fight international crime, the Swedish Embassy hosts Nordic Liaison Office for Police and Customs Cooperation, which is working closely with Thai police.

Getting in Touch with the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok

Visit the Embassy at:

20th Floor, One Pacific Place

140 Sukhumvit Road, between soi 4 and soi 6

The Embassy is located next to the Landmark Hotel

Skytrain Station: Nana


Postal address:

Embassy of Sweden

P.O. Box 1324

Nana Post Office

Bangkok 10112



Phone, fax, email:

Phone: +66-(0)2-263 72 00

Fax: +66-(0)2-263 72 60



What You Need to Know about the Swedish Consulate in Chiang Mai

Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) as well as its embassies and consular offices are institutions whose mission includes advising and assisting Swedish travellers, helping Swedish nationals plan events such as marriages abroad, and assisting Swedish citizens will other needs that pertain to civil law matters among others.

Here is a breakdown of the functions of Swedish consulates not only in Chiang Mai, but also in the other three locations (Hua Hin, Pattaya, and Phuket)

Providing Consular Aid to Swedes Overseas

Perhaps one of the most important tasks of Sweden’s MFA, embassies, and consulates is the provision of assistance and advice to Swedes who are abroad (also known as consular aid). Drawing up general travel information on places and countries all around the world is also one of the responsibilities of Swedish embassies and consular offices.

Issuance of Travel Advisories

These offices are also responsible for creating and rolling out advises against travel to certain regions in order to protect the best interests of Swedes. Countries at war or at least in war-like conditions are usually destinations with which the MFA, embassies, and consulates may issue travel advisories against. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other disturbances in certain countries also usually results in advises against travel.

Handling Legal Functions for Swedes Abroad

The MFA and its branches are responsible for maintaining legal functions for Swedish citizens who are abroad, such as overseas marriages, international custody disputes (matters pertaining to children who have been wrongfully removed), and document legalizations, among others.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

The consular offices, embassies, and the MFA in general are responsible for providing aid to Swedes who get caught up in major emergencies overseas. Their functions include coordinating action with Stockholm and other consulates and embassies to provide timely assistance. Emergency planning and strategic monitoring are two essential components that these offices are continuously implementing and developing.

In case of emergencies, these offices have resources at hand, which include a rapid response team and a permanent consular stand-by team whose purpose is to provide assistance to affected Swedish citizens.

About the Swedish Consulate in Chiang Mai

Whether in business, culture, or tourism, Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s most progressive places. It is, in fact, “the largest and culturally most significant city in Northern Thailand”

(, which makes it an ideal hub for political and diplomatic interests in the region.

Now the Swedish consulate in Chiang Mai is one of…

…17 foreign representations in Chiang Mai.

…166 foreign representations in Thailand.

…477 consular and diplomatic representations of Sweden abroad.

Chiang Mai is one of the four locations in Thailand that has a Swedish consulate presence (the other three are in Hua Hin, Pattaya, and Phuket). The consular office in the region offers not only assistance to Swedish nationals, but also certain services to Thai citizens  who express an interest in visiting Sweden, especially those who intend to marry or are already married to Swedish citizens.

Getting in Touch with the Swedish Consulate in Chiang Mai

Honorary Consulate of Sweden, Chiang Mai

Honorary Consul: Mrs. Supajee Nilubol

Address: 186/48 Green Valley, Moo 5, Mae Sa, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai Thailand 50180

Phone: +66-(0)53-29 86 32, +66-(0)2-263 72 99 (after working hours)


Website: (embassy webpage for general information about services)

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 nn


Throughout Sweden’s history, immigration has been a major source of cultural change and population growth. This has been going on for hundreds of years, with the rate of source countries of immigrants varying over time. However, not all become Swedish citizens.

Although the Swedish government does keep track of the total number of immigrants that enter the country, it doesn’t base any of its statistics on ethnicity; hence, the exact numbers of people residing in Sweden with immigrant backgrounds are unverifiable.

Authority Responsible for Immigration Concerns

The authority primarily responsible for receiving applications from those who wish to settle in or visit Sweden would be the Swedish Migration Board, whose vision is: “Sweden – a nation open for the possibilities of global migration”. As part of its aim to achieve its vision, “those who submit an application will be treated kindly and with respect”. The board recognizes that there can be a lot of different reasons for people coming to Sweden. They may be doing it because they want to study or they’ve obtained jobs in the country. Or perhaps they do it to catch up to their families who are already there or because they have Swedish spouse or partner (which would be the reason for your case since you need to bring your Thai wife with you to Sweden). But regardless of intent, the Migration Board ensures that each application will be examined thoroughly and that the examination will be carried out as orderly as possible. After a legally secure and accurate evaluation, the board then endeavors to provide quick answers to applications.

For those who get accepted and wish to gain Swedish citizenship, the Migration Board is also the authority to turn to. Every year, Swedish citizenship is granted to a substantial number of individuals, which is a status that gives them several rights such as being able to vote during general elections.

In addition, the Migration Board offers immigrants protection from conflicts and persecution. Their mandate encompasses the acceptance of those seeking asylum and the defense to their right to protection. They also help refugees around the world by giving them the opportunity to start new lives in Sweden, a goal that the board seeks to achieve by working with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Other Functions of the Migration Board

The board carries out other tasks, such as:

o Offering employment and accommodation to those seeking asylum while their applications are still being reviewed

o Disbursing government compensation to county councils and municipalities for individuals whose residence permits have been approved

o Providing support to those seeking asylum in case their applications are refused

o Operating various detention centers

o Giving financial support to people who decide to return to their home countries even if they have residence permits

o Collaborating with other countries’ migration authorities in order to meet the challenges brought about by migrating or displaced persons

o Being active with migration concerns not only within the EU, but also in other international contexts

Making Appeals on Immigration Decisions

Citizenship or residential permit decisions made by the board can be appealed at migration courts. Currently, there are three migration courts, and these are located in Malmö, Stockholm, and Göteborg. The Migration court of appeal, which is part of Stockholm’s Administrative Court of Appeal, is the highest court when it comes to immigration decisions

Getting in Touch with the Migration Board

Contact Numbers:

+46 771-235 235 (calling from outside Sweden), 0771-235 235 (calling within Sweden)

Telephone Hours:

Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 16:00 (Customer Service)

Monday – Thursday 08:00 – 16:00, Friday 08:30 – 16:00 (Switchboard)

The customer service line for the Swedish Migration Board handles queries about Swedish citizenship, visas, work permits, residence permits, and other concerns pertaining to alien cases.

To see a directory of addresses and contact numbers of Migration Board units, visit this webpage:


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