What Is Thai Lady Date Finder™ Program?

1. The Thai Lady Date Finder™ program is a members-only online dating service to help you connect with a warm, sincere, sensational Thai lady to spend your life with. We offer a fun and safe way to meet, mix and mingle online.

2. The Thai Lady Date Finder™ site offers a more secure, private – and we  think superior — way to connect because, unlike other online dating sites, membership is required and profiles are screened.

There are millions of easy ways for a bar girl to make a buck online but joining our program just isn’t one of them. Let me explain.

3. We offer a FREE Trial period for new members. And even these profiles are screened before appearing in our Member’s only area. Once inside, Members are free to connect, chat and exchange details with each other, without any further charge. We’re told our Members love not having to pay an additional fee for an email address or be forced to “pay-by-the-minute” just to chat with someone.

4. Our Members can become Regular Members and continue their association by paying a low monthly fee.

5. Finally, we offer Platinum Membership. Platinum carries our highest level of guarantee that the person you’re connecting with is just as they report to be. You can be certain a Platinum member is genuine in every respect and they qualify to be involved in our Thai Lady Dating Events™.

How our Thai Ladies Are Selected for Membership

Most of our ladies enjoy the prestige associated with joining our program as Platinum Members. A Platinum Member lady has

• met personally with one of our staff, to verify she matches her profile photo

• submitted her National ID card to verify her identity

• undergone – and passed – a background check, including her family background, her marital status, and her work history

• passed a police criminal background check

• signed off on our Terms of Agreement, where she is reminded that soliciting for sex is illegal, and she will be sued and press criminal charges if she solicits any of our members

• expressed confidence and pride, eager to show she has integrity and meets our high standards

• willingly accepted the “high bar” we have set for membership

In other words, our Platinum Member lady is a real person. Her profile checks out. She is really single. She really does work where she says she does.

What does this mean for you?

With our program, there is absolutely no chance you’ll become the victim of a “bait and switch” or any other scam. No lady with designs on illegal activity is going to get through our extensive screening process. It means that you can have an incredibly high level of confidence in the integrity of the lady you are connecting with online through the Thai Lady Date Finder Program™.

In fact, if you find any one of our Platinum Ladies is not as she is represented by her profile and attempts to scam you in any way shape or form, you’ll not only get all your subscription fees back, we’ll also pay you $1000 for wasting your time and effort. Obviously we wouldn’t make a guarantee like this if we weren’t certain our Platinum Ladies are who they say they are and not out to scam you.

There are, though, those respectable ladies who don’t agree to a background check. That doesn’t automatically mean they’re criminals or out to scam you. We will screen them, and if we let them join the program as Regular Members, we’ll be confident that they’re great ladies – but we unfortunately won’t offer the same guarantee. Makes sense, right? It may seem that the membership requirements for our ladies are too harsh, repressive or degrading. I wondered that too. Well, the truth of the matter is that we’ve been overwhelmed at the response from Thai ladies. They really love the fact that there is such a high bar for entry. They love having the chance to prove they are absolutely “bona fide” and have nothing to hide. They also love the very high level of privacy we offer. Unlike most other online dating platforms, the Thai Lady Date Finder ™ is not a public website. A lady member can use her program settings to control who sees her profile, making herself “invisible” to guys who don’t meet her selection criteria — or even to other ladies. They can also choose to be completely invisible and only approach gentlemen they’re interested in. They love knowing that our gentlemen members are serious and clear about their intentions as well, and they trust our screening and membership requirements.

How You are Selected for Membership

First, to join our program, you’ll provide your real name and email address, then create a user name and password. Before you can use our services, you’ll be directed to a Profile Verification area, where we’ll confirm your email address, and you’ll have to upload a photo and complete an online profile. Once your profile is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to start your FREE Trial period. If you like it and want to stay, you can move to Regular Membership or apply for Platinum.

As a Regular Member, you’ll be able to

• set your privacy levels to determine who is allowed to see your profile

• search for and view profiles of our pre-screened Regular and Platinum Thai ladies

• instantly determine the membership level of any lady you’re interested in

• build a “hot list” of your favorite profiles

• initiate contact with any of our ladies by sending and receive unlimited “kisses”and image cards to show your interest and attract the attention of the ladies you’d like to connect with

• send and receive unlimited “connection requests” from/to ladies you’re interested in

• FREELY email, chat or webcam with any number of ladies, once the connection request has been accepted, without ANY FURTHER COST

And as a Platinum Member, you can do all of that PLUS…

• Qualify for one-on-one personal dates through our Thai Lady Dating Events™program

• enjoy the status and increased attention of being seen as a Platinum member by all of our lady members

• tell us how (and whether) you’d like us to promote you, both within the site and within our emails, blogs and newsletters It’s not just fishing in the “right pond” – it’s more like fishing in a barrel – and here’s why:

• You’re only going to meet highly qualified ladies who are also looking for a real relationship

• You’ll only connect with ladies who are interested in connecting with you

• You can sign up as a Trial Member and get your first 7 days FREE


Our company, Meet Me Now Bangkok, will put you in touch with countless single and genuine Thai women who are looking for marriage and for a man who will join them in Thailand.  

We offer the option to meet pre-screened serious women who are looking for a real relationship, not to take your money. You can try our customized dating events where you can meet lovely, trustworthy Thai singles.

Send us a message and we will chat. We are always glad to help you find relationship you’ve always wanted.

Nathamon Madison is a matchmaker & owner of Meet Me Now Asia, Thailand’s most trusted Introduction & Dating Agency. It’s Nathamon’s vision to help genuine guys find beautiful & trustworthy Asian girls from proven backgrounds. She’s been married to her Western husband for 12 years and has written several books and informational DVDs about romance between Asian women and Western men.

Nathamon can be contacted at: nathamon@meetmenowbangkok.com

Book a free Consultation Call with Nathamon.

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