The Following are Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Lady Dating Events™


1. What are the Personalized Dating Events?

Thai Lady Dating Events™ are the natural extension of the online dating site. When a guy is interested enough to want to fly to Thailand to meet a lady, he often opts to go through our

Thai Lady Dating Events™ program.

We arrange any number of dates with any number of ladies. They may be from his connected list. They may be from a list that we assemble for him to select from. But all of the ladies that we recommend via this program are Platinum members.

We have personally met each and every one of them, and we have carried out extensive background checks. We can say with full conviction that they are the same person they represent themselves to be on our site.

The dates we coordinate are one-on-one, arranged according to the tastes of both parties. Whether it’s coffee, lunch, dinner dates, outings, or day trips, we arrange things that are fun, safe and relaxing to do together.

Thailand is a beautiful and exotic country and our job is to give you the opportunity to meet some truly fantastic ladies in a safe and structured program conducted against a spectacular cultural backdrop.

We send a Concierge to introduce and facilitate communication. We arrange for our car service and professional driver to take both parties to the venue and home again.

Membership in the Thai Lady Dating Events™ program is for a full two year period. We do that deliberately to allow a guy plenty of time to come over to Bangkok on more than one occasion and not feel rushed or pressured. In that two-year period, we’ll arrange as many dates for him as he’d like with as many ladies that want to meet him.

We take the success of our Dating Events guys personally and we’re ready to make sure he finds someone who is truly compatible with him. The Dating Events program is really what our business is all about.

2. Do you meet in person in Thailand or in my home country?

All of our meetings take place in Thailand.

Our company is based in Thailand and we subscribe to the “old-fashioned” doctrine that a true gentleman should court a lady in surroundings comfortable to her (i.e. her home turf).

We also know that Thailand is truly one of the most spectacular destinations in the world, complete with a thriving nightlife, pristine beaches, a rich culture and a huge array of the world’s finest food and drink.

3. Thai Lady Dating Events™ – What Makes Us Different?

If you’re active on the Thai Lady Date Finder™ site, you can choose to meet the women you’ve met online – in person in Bangkok.

Thai Lady Dating Events™ sets up safe, fun, and hassle-free dates. And we handle everything.
Every woman you want to meet has been pre-screened.

We only offer this service to our Platinum level ladies – who have undergone background checks and met personally with us.
You can be sure you’re meeting the woman you’ve been getting to know online and that she is who she says she is.

We handle all the details of your trip to Thailand so you can enjoy the beauty of our country while meeting local Thai ladies in a safe environment. We’ll help you meet a selection of suitable potential partners while you share an enjoyable experience – whether it’s a romantic evening, a day excursion in or around Bangkok, or just a quick afternoon coffee!

We meet you at the airport, schedule your dates, book your reservations, and communicate with the ladies – so you can spend your time having fun and getting to know the them, instead of worrying about the details. We provide you a personal concierge and professional driver.

Thai Lady Dating Events™ is the only program that offers this service in such a safe and structured way.

Unlike ANY of our competitors, we offer an unbeatable Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident of our service that if any of the ladies we introduce you to through Thai Lady Dating Events™ is not as portrayed in her profile, we’ll reimburse 100% of all your expenses –not only our services fees but your airfare as well.

No other service offers you the ability to communicate online with verified members and then meet them in person through a safe, organized and no-commitment-necessary program.

4. Do you take care of travel and lodging accommodations once I come to Thailand?

We work with some of the most reputable and affordable travel agents in Thailand. As our member we will be happy to advise suitable accommodation to suit any budget and ensure the bookings are made. We’ll also send our limo and driver to pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel.

5. How many ladies can I meet during the Thai Lady Dating Events?

We cater each trip to your specific requests. Some clients choose to come for a short visit (perhaps as part of a business trip). Others opt to stay in Thailand for some time (as part of a longer vacation).

The number of ladies you can meet is limited only by your personal time constraints and by how many ladies want to meet you. The short answer is there is no limit. We’ll arrange as many dates as you want to go on with ladies that want to meet you.

6. If I opt for Thai Lady Dating Events™, can I look through all the profiles and then choose the ladies I want to meet?

We have a “ladies first” policy. We will promote your profile and travel times, and she will pick you.

You will then see the list of ladies that liked your profile and want to meet you – and see how things work out.

Don’t worry — you will be delighted by the number of sensational ladies that will want to meet you! You will probably think something along the lines of “this can’t be real”. But it is! Remember that Thai women see Western men as exotic, something they only see in the movies.

Plus, you can feel confident knowing the women you see in the profile are really who they say they are. How do we know? Don’t forget – we meet every single one of these women personally, and conduct extensive background checks on them – with their permission.

If we are wrong, and if you are scammed by any one of our introductions, we will give you all your money back PLUS the cost of your airfare. You will not find another service that offers this level of commitment to their members.

If you are also a member of Thai Lady Date Finder™, you can choose to meet from your online list of connections. You can also allow us to use our system to find ladies that fit your profile, who are highly likely to spark your interest (and you theirs)!

7. Can I meet ladies that I haven’t yet connected with online during the Thai Lady Dating Event™?

Yes, the idea of the Dating Program is to promote you to a wider group than just the online connections. We can promote your profile to our database, which is much more extensive than just those ladies who are online and visible to you.

We will promote your profile with your timetable in Bangkok.

Ladies that want to meet you will respond. Once they do, we will forward their profiles and photos to you, so you can select the ladies you would like to meet. Once the mutual agreement is in place, we will introduce you.

We will arrange the dates. We choose only the highest quality venues to provide both a relaxing and romantic environment that is still comfortable and casual.

Our personal driver and professional concierge will make sure that you are escorted properly to the date venue and that you’re taken back to your hotel at the end of the date.

You’ll meet a number of ladies without hassle, obligation, and without the pressure of commitment. You can find out (in your own time) who really clicks with you!

8. If I find a lady that I would like to connect with on Thai Lady Date Finder™, do I have to meet her in Bangkok? Can I invite her to my home country?

If you are connected, you are free to do as you choose.

The good thing about being connected is that you don’t need to use our service any longer.

However, we offer this service for a very good reason. It is better to mix and mingle and date without the pressure and obligation that flying around the world creates.
It’s also very important to understand the cultural implications behind inviting a Thai girl to your home country.

In Thai culture, it is almost like a proposal. Her family and friends will know you are flying to see her. The fact that you haven’t met yet is not important. To her and her family it is a great loss of face and respect if the relationship doesn’t continue and become permanent.

However, for the lady to meet you through our dating program diminishes all those expectations. It is a traditional Thai way to meet a potential partner. An introduction through family and friends is the traditional way to get together.

Because the Thai lady spends a good deal of time with our agency (through meetings and personal interviews), they quickly see us as friends.

Our personal concierge coordinates the dating process, which accommodates traditional Thai custom and helps the lady feel more comfortable. This unique service allows for a whole range of wonderful, sensational Thai ladies who would not normally meet a Western man to participate in the program.

The gentlemen who join our program get the benefit of meeting normal Thai ladies looking for a real relationship – ladies they would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet.

9. If I’m not very computer-savvy, can I jump right to the Thai Lady Dating Events™ option?

Yes, absolutely! We will promote your profile and you’ll be able to see who wants to meet you. Then you can select from that list and we’ll do the rest!

One of the great things we consistently see among couples who meet via Thai Lady Dating Events™ is that usually the lady that the man least expects is the one who really knocks his socks off.

Flying to meet somebody you’ve only meet online is a bit “out there”, in our view. It puts a high level of pressure on both the lady and the man.

Furthermore, if you fly her to your home country, or come to Thailand with the exclusive agenda to meet her, this creates huge expectations (and possible misunderstandings) for the Thai lady and her family.

This step is seen essentially as an agreement to marriage – and is generally not a good or healthy way to allow a relationship to develop naturally.

Our company, Meet Me Now Asia, will put you in touch with countless single and genuine Thai women who are looking for marriage and for a man who will join them in Thailand.  

We offer the option to meet pre-screened serious women who are looking for a real relationship, not to take your money. You can try our customized dating events where you can meet lovely, trustworthy Thai singles.

Send us a message and we will chat. We are always glad to help you find relationship you’ve always wanted.

Nathamon Madison is a matchmaker & owner of Meet Me Now Asia, Thailand’s most trusted Introduction & Dating Agency. It’s Nathamon’s vision to help genuine guys find beautiful & trustworthy Asian girls from proven backgrounds. She’s been married to her Western husband for 12 years and has written several books and informational DVDs about romance between Asian women and Western men.

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