Here’s What You Need to Know About Requirements and Procedures Involved

Marital unions in Sweden are governed by the Ãktenskapsbalken SFS 1987:230 (the Marriage Code) and weddings in the country can take place either before civil authorities or in churches, although same-sex unions are prohibited in the latter. Not if you wish to marry your Thai partner in Sweden.

1. Documents Needed

I Proof of identification

o Valid Passport

o Certified birth certificate that shows you are of age (over 18 years)

o Proof of singlehood


II Certificate of no impediment (Hindersprövning)

o For Swedish citizens (you, in this case), you can acquire your certificate from your home parish

o For foreign nationals (your Thai partner, in this case), an affidavit that has been sworn to and executed by a consular officer at the foreigner’s respective Embassy will suffice. This affidavit has to signed at the Embassy in Stockholm or by a Swedish notary publi provided the Local Tax Office allows it.


III If previously married

o If you are a divorcee, you have to provide a notarized, certified copy of divorce decree (previous marriage certificate may be requested in certain cases)

o If you are a widower, you have to provide a notarized, certified copy of your deceased spouse’s death certificate (previous marriage certificate with deceased spouse may be requested in certain cases)


IV Others

o If you are a military personnel or with the armed forces, you may be asked to provide ‘permission to marry’ from your Commanding Officer

o If you wish to have church wedding, contact the officiant ahead of time to determine if they require any additional documentation

Note: Bring your documents with you during the ceremony, as the authority solemnizing your union may ask you to furnish them on demand.

2. Procedures Involved

Registration for Marriage Certificate

You have to apply for a marriage certificate first. This involves a personal appearance at the SkattefÃrvaltningen (Local Tax Administration) where you and your Thai partner intend to establish temporary or permanent residence in Sweden. Before getting married, however, you and your partner the Local Tax Office will initiate an investigation that’s intended to find out if there are possible impediments to the marriage.

What are these impediments?

o If either you or your fiancé are under 18 years of age. However, an exception from this regulation can be granted by the Länsstyrelsen (County Administrative Board).

o If you are a registered partner or married to another person.

o If you are close relative to the individual you’re marrying (something that you obviously do not have to worry about)

The marriage certificate can be obtained after the ceremony by contacting your Local Tax Office again.

3. The Ceremony

For a Civil Marriage

In most cases, if not all, civil unions are performed at local district courts. The ceremony is officiated either by a judge or a special officer who is appointed perform civil marriages by the county administrative board. The ceremony itself doesn’t take long.

For a Church Wedding

Your marriage can be performed by the Church of Sweden or by any another religious community with a special permit to perform matrimonial ceremonies from the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (the latter being a possibility you will have to consider if your Thai partner has a different religion from yours and she wants to tie the knot in her place of worship). For a wedding in the Church of Sweden, one of the parties has to be a registered member of the said church.


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