The Following Are Recommended for American Guys to Stay Legally In Thailand

1. To LIVE

Thailand has since become a magnet for Western people, including American men specially. They flock to Thailand by the thousands to bask in its warm weather and its beautiful beaches.  They mostly stay for a few days vacation but in most recent years, the number of people who have chosen to live there either permanently, or for long periods of time, have increased considerably.  It’s easy to see why.

Thai people are friendly and Thai cuisine is among the best in the world. Thailand is beautiful and it’s incredibly cheap.  Well, it is not as cheap as before but still, compared to New York or Los Angeles or anywhere else in the US, there is no comparison.

There are a lot of ways to arrange for a longer stay in Thailand. Automatically, you are given 30 days upon arrival at the airport, no visa is necessary.

If you are planning to stay for 60 days, you can always arrange to get a Tourist Visa before your arrival. This can also be extended for another 30 days; there is no guarantee that Thai Immigration will grant it though.  Your only option is to exit the country for a few days and go back to be granted another 30-day stay.

To stay beyond 60 days, you can actually apply for a multiple entry visa.  This type of visa comes in either Double Entry or Triple Entry.  There is no minimum number of days that you have to stay out of the country. Most people just cross the border and go back to Thailand in a day or two.

But bear in mind that for inland border crossings you will only be granted 15 days of stay.  You have to enter the country by airport to be granted the full number of days allowed in your Multiple Entry Visa.  If you have used up all your allowable number of entries and still want to stay longer, you can always exit the country and re-enter without a visa and will be granted another 30 days.

Another type of visa is the non-immigrant visa that can allow you to stay up to 90 days. This is also available in Single Entry or Multiple Entry.  But please note that they now rarely grant this type of visa unless you are married to a Thai.

If you are over 50 years old, you can get a type O-A visa.  This allows you an initial 90 day stay in Thailand but an extension can be granted without you having to make an exit. The only qualifying criteria are income and amount of money you have in a Thai bank.

You can also obtain a Student Visa.  This will allow you to stay in Thailand for a year.


2. To WORK

Most American guys working in Thailand are those that hold top positions or were hired in the US. Although the Thais are generally friendly and warm, it might prove a bit difficult as some companies do not provide the same benefits as what the American people are used to in their native land.

Also, most Thai companies prioritize locals, so applying for a job in Thailand will prove very challenging. However, the number of Americans enjoying a fulfilling career is soaring, thanks in part to improvements in the legislature from the government and the booming tourism industry.

Foreign businessmen are not allowed to set up a business in Thailand unless they partner with a local businessman, which will help you save time and money. To say that it is difficult to find someone that you can trust with your money is a big understatement.

Most foreign businessmen get a Thai wife and register the business under the wife’s name. It is important to note that Thai government requires that for every 1 foreign employee, you have to hire 4 Thai employees. This is to make sure that Thais get prioritized for jobs.

It is illegal to work in Thailand without acquiring a Work Visa. This applies to all foreigners; even business owners who hold a position in their company are also required to have a Work Visa.



The beauty of Thai women is known all over the world. Apart from that, it is their innate kindness and willingness to please that attracts American men. The rising number of American-Thai marriages is proof of that. Whereas Thai women are stereotyped as working bar girls out to get your money, most Thai women are actually very caring and loving towards their spouses.

Undeniably, most of these Thai women see marriage with Western men as a way out of poverty but there are also a lot of marriages borne out of love. When you find that caring, loving wife, you are sure to enjoy your stay in Thailand to the fullest.

Most Thai weddings have two components: the Buddhist and non-Buddhist. Since most Americans are not Buddhist, the ceremony takes place at a local District Office. Traditionally, the groom has to give a dowry to the family of the bride. This gift will then be returned to the couple after they are married. Although more and more couples opt for a modern wedding, some couples still follow this tradition.

The marriage has to be registered to both the couples’ consular office. If either of the couple has been widowed or divorced in the past, they have to present documentation as proof. These documents then have to be translated into Thai before it can finally be certified. Finally, the wedding at the District Office will be undertaken.

Even if the wedding might sound like a business transaction, most couples actually stay married, and have a blissful, fun married life together. And if you can quickly adjust to the difference in your culture and that of the Thais, you will definitely have a great time living in Thailand.


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