What Is Thai Lady Date Finder?



The Thai Lady Date Finder™ site is an online dating site with a difference! It’s run  by Nathamon Madison and her team of “dating angels” right out of their office in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. So apart from being run by real people, from a real office, and not some “faceless” computer program, what makes the Thai Lady Date Finder™ website different to the rest?

1. Verified Profiles – You can be assured that when you connect to one of the many Platinum ladies on our site you’re connecting with ladies who are genuine and accurately represented by their photo and background profile. And that’s because we’ve met them personally and guarantee their accurate representation.

2. Platinum Matching™ Service – Just because it’s “online” dating, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get personal support from our Team and information about the ladies you’re interested in. Our Platinum Matching™ service puts you in more control and gives you a great advantage in finding who’s really compatible with you, saving you time, money and hassle.

3. Personal Dating Events – For those who prefer dating the old fashion way – face to face, over a glass of wine or a great night out, it’s all possible with our Thai Lady Dating Events™ packages, tailored to your requirements. When you’re ready to take things to the next level and meet a number of ladies in person, we’re right there for you, making sure it’s fun, safe and sensational.

4. Be A Member & You’re Good To Go – Unlike other sites that force you to pay for every  email or communication with another person. If you’re a member you can communicate right away by sending e-card, kiss, email, and hot list the lady that you like. Share contact information as  you choose at no further cost or censoring. Easy, simple and straight forward.

5. Privacy Settings – You can still remain invisible to other guys or any other  members, if you wish. We know sometimes you prefer to keep your business, well, your business.

6. Generous Offer  – Enjoy a full access and “ready-to-connect-with-others” . Sign up now and you’ll enjoy 20 Bonus Credit points that you can use to communicate with other members, absolutely FREE. No strings attached. No funny conditions or contracts. So come on in and find out for yourself. If you’re looking for the “one” who could be your life partner and love, and want a way to meet like minded, real people, you’ve found the right place to start.


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Nathamon Madison is a matchmaker & owner of Meet Me Now Bangkok, Thailand’s most trusted Introduction & Dating Agency. It’s Nathamon’s vision to help genuine guys find beautiful & trustworthy asian girls from proven backgrounds. She’s been married to her western husband for 12 years and has written several books and informational DVDs about romance between asian women and western men. Meet Me Now Bangkok operates an online dating service called Thai Lady Date Finder. They also offer local dating services for singles at Thai Lady Dating Events. Guys interested in international dating will find a tour package at Thai Lady Dating Tours. If you’re ready to find love there’s no one better to help you find a sensational soulmate.

Nathamon can be contacted at: nathamon@meetmenowbangkok.com

Meet Me Now Bangkok can be contacted on +66 2 667 0068

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