These Are 6 Top Romantic Spots In and Around The City of Bangkok

Bangkok is the perfect romantic location to take your new Thai girl for a night out. You can find something for every taste. We did some asking around to find the best date spots for you, so you can treat your love to a great night out.

1. Sawaree Terrace

The Sawaree Terrace is located next to the Skytrain Station at Rachathewi BTS across the street from the Asia hotel. It’s considered trendy and fashionable without the pretentiousness.

On weekends it can get crowded, but the overall atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. The menu offers a range of tasty treats; including warm beef salad, and a large variety of beers. If you visit often you probably spy groups of friends who share a bottle of whiskey.

If you’re lucky enough to secure a table on the upstairs balcony – for which the restaurant is named – you can watch the bustling activities of the street below.

Local bands often showcase their talent and to keep punters entertained.

2. Tawandang Isaan

This is a traditional German beer garden located smack bang in the middle of Thailand’s capital. You ought not to leave Bangkok without at least a visit for a cold beer.

You may wonder why we suggest a German beer garden as a romantic hotspot?

It’s OK, when we first learned of this place it didn’t exactly cross our mind as a contender for a romantic date, but then we got some great feedback from people who have.

So… you just have to go there and see for yourself.

This is the lesser-known version of its sister establishment, the German Brewery on Rama Street. Therefore the place enjoys a quieter and more intimate setting than its glitzier counterpart, but just as much entertainment.

What is so entertaining?

For starters, the wait staff is genuine, attentive and happy to see foreign faces. It’s a real pleasure to be wined (ahem… beered) and dined by staff that wants to make you happy (unlike in many Western restaurants).

If you can grab a seat facing the stage toward the middle of the serving floor, you’ll be perfectly situated to enjoy the great performances, including Thai rock ‘n’ roll and Thai folk modern fusion.

3. Vimanmek Mansion

If you prefer an elegant afternoon session to sit down dinner to get to know your lady friend better then the Vimanmek mansion will tick all the boxes for you. It is a huge estate, and considered one of Thailand’s national treasures. The estate is home to museums, lavish gardens and a number of smaller residences that are unique in their own right.

It even used to be the king’s home while his Grand Palace was under renovation. If you think about buying a ticket to the Grand Palace you automatically get free admission to the Vimanmek mansion and its many museums. The grounds hold the largest golden teak structure in the world. You will also find breathtaking examples of Thai art. The mansion gives you a perfect way to explore some authentic Thai culture and spend some quality time with your partner.

4. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is majestically situated on the Chao Praya River. Known as one of the finest hotels in Thailand (and the world), the Mandarin Oriental is a home away from home for travelers that appreciate the finer things in life – and have the money to do so. A popular destination for day spa visitors this hotel offers you and your partner a chance to check out from the world for a day. A good dating idea is to book in for the afternoon tea. Order the “full set” and enjoy a feast of pastries, cakes, finger sandwiches and tea in the dining room by the window or on the terrace overlooking the city. It’s definitely a great way to spend a few hours with someone new.

5. Tuk-Tuk Tours

Tuk-tuks are Thailand’s very own three-wheeled taxis. To ride on a tuk-tuk is daring to say the least, not because they are dangerous to some degrees, but because of the traffic fumes you inhale – unless you wear a facemask (which is recommended). The ride on a tuk-tuk is fun, despite the noise, the speed (or perhaps because of it), and the sheer exhilaration. But it is an adventure not to be missed if you want to experience Bangkok from a different perspective. These vehicles are a mixture between a moped and a pickup truck, although they are small and usually carry two passengers and the driver. If you’ve just arrived in the city and want a feel for the layout of Bangkok, a tuk-tuk ride is a cute and extraordinarily cheap way to explore. Just flag one down in the street and ask him to drive you around the city sights for an hour or so – and he’ll be more than happy for the business. Great fun for a Thai native, too!

To use a tuk-tuk for a date is perhaps a little outside the box, but why not combine a tuk-tuk ride with a visit to one of the places mentioned in this article for a date with a difference?

6. The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is named so for a reason. Located on the banks of the Chao Praya River, it used to be the home of the Thai royal family. Today it’s undoubtedly Bangkok’s most famous landmark and attracts thousands of tourists every month. Many events and ceremonies are held here throughout the year. The entire complex spans over some 22,000 square meters. No detail has been spared. You can observe Buddhist imagery, carved into the corners of each building, statues of Buddha in every imaginary size, gorgeous natural gardens and the many magnificent rooms reserved for functions.

It is also the home of the famous Emerald Buddha statue. Please cover your arms and legs out of respect to the locals’ beliefs when you visit.

Although your date may have already visited the Palace at least once in her life, it is a great way to combine a cultural feast for the eye with a date in a romantic and sensual setting.


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