Don’t be fooled by its ‘farang’ name, Jim Thompson’s House is one of the country’s finest examples of traditional Thai architecture. I’m sure you already know the story behind the finest brand of Thai silk and its creator, but you’re probably wondering why we’re suggesting it as a perfect date spot for you and the lovely lady you meet at Not only is this house-cum-museum teaming with historical stories for you and your date to learn about together, but it’s also filled with a variety of silk treasures like dresses, scarves, and even neck ties that you can buy for each other to remember your date at this famous property.


These Are The Reasons Why You Must Visit Jim Thompson’s House on Your Thailand Holiday


1. The six teak buildings that make up Jim Thompson’s residence are centuries old and hail from the distant, ancient capital of Ayutthaya. You’ll learn all about it during the initial guided tour where you’ll get up-close-and-personal with Mr. Thompson’s massive collection of antiques and art from around Southeast Asia, such as the 6th century Buddha figure that is one of the oldest in the world.

2. While touring the Jim Thompson House, you may notice a fascinating mix of Western and Thai culture. While he was a strong business man and architect, Jim Thompson’s success would not be possible without a deep appreciation and understanding of Asian ideals. We hope that by the end of the outing you will share his passion and there will be some blending of cultures between you and your date.

3. A little romantic tip we can offer is to have a bite of food alongside one of  the pools of Jim Thompson’s gardens of exotic greenery. Although you might not  be able to take a dip in the glistening pool, having a drink by the poolside can inspire an idea for your next date. Private pool party for two? Coming right up!


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