5 Top Outdoor Activities You Shouldn’t Missed When You Are On Your Thailand Holiday


Regardless of your level of fitness, Thailand’s incredible and seemingly endless outdoors has many adrenaline pumping activities on offer for those who want to get their heart racing. Vacations don’t have to be all about relaxing, they can also be the perfect excuse to get back into shape or have a real adventure you thought only existed in the movies.

Treat yourself to a relaxing day on the beach or a long walk in the jungle-like forests, after you try your hand in these Top 5 Must Do Outdoor Activities in Thailand…


1. Snorkeling

The reefs and marine life in Thailand is absolutely not to be missed. Scuba diving is also a great way to explore the underwater world of the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea. So, buy or rent a snorkeling set, strap on your flippers and check out the amazing underwater universe.

Phi Phi – Off the end of Long Beach you can see sharks around the rocks offshore only 150 meters out. Going early in the morning is the best to avoid the speedboats making tours.

Simian Islands – The reefs here are second to none and should not be missed if you have the time to take a day trip out of Phuket.

Ko Lipe – Tarutao Marine National Park is far south and no easy day trip but it is magnificent with hidden beaches and less foot traffic to allow you some quiet and solitude, even out of the water.


2. Elephant Trekking

When in Phuket, one of the most culturally interesting ways to see the landscape is aboard an Elephant. As Asian Elephants are so big, you have an excellent view of the entire trek, which can be broken down into a day trip or a package tour. The elephants are well-looked after as they’re the biggest profit pullers for these treks.

Generally, the tours go through the Rubber Forest and into the real tropical areas that are almost impossible to get to on your own. Afterwards, you will have to opportunity to feed the gigantic, but tame and loving animals some bananas as a sweet farewell to thank them for your trip.


3. Rock Climbing

Thailand has been known for its beaches and food above anything else, but in the past decade, the rock climbing world of Thailand has really grown, and gained some serious respect on an international level. Railay, Karabi and Phi Phi are among the most recognized spots to start your ascents, and there are many tour guides and private companies that will be happy to provide you with reasonably priced equipment, and a guide to the best places to climb dependant on your skill level. Bouldering is also a great option for beginners as the exercise and exertion is comparable, without the fear of heights playing a role in your afternoon. From up high, the water and beaches look completely different.


4. Hiking- Not On An Elephant

The trekking in Thailand is widely acknowledged as the best in the world, with tropical forests and what seems to be endless paths and trails. Depending on your enthusiasm, you can organize a trip that will last days, including camping out in the wilderness and eating over a campfire, to just a standard day trip. There are many tour guides, some better than others, which you should look into and ask around for other people’s experiences.

In many of the guest houses and less luxury hotels are the kind of people who are looking for a more rustic adventure, and often you will find advertisements left by people looking for like-minded souls to join their trips, and make “the more, the merrier” a reality for these breathtaking scenic explorations.


5. Mountain Biking

All of the Thai islands, as well as the mainland pride themselves on their hospitality, clearing the roads for tourists to be comfortable and making life as easy as possible. Sometimes, this hospitality can also extend to not clearing the mountain paths so true extreme mountain biking experiences can be enjoyed. They have top of the range bikes for rent, which are imported from America and Europe, and guides that will take you out to explore the mountainous terrain of Thailand on two wheels. If you’re a high-level biker, you can just buy a map or check in with the online mountain biking blogs and see which trails are the best for you depending on the thrills you seek. Wearing a helmet, and letting someone know where you are is mandatory just in case of an unfortunate and unforeseen “bump in the road.”


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