A Dose of Reality

If you’re reading this, you are more interested than most in finding a respectable, Thai lady to be your life partner. After all, she’ll be beautiful, she’ll be devoted to you, and she will work hard to make you happy. And you want to take care of her an treat her right. But I want to spend a few minutes to “get real” with you and offer you some friendly advice: to find her, don’t go fishing in the wrong pond.

Known to tourists as “The Land of Smiles,” and promoted by its tourist board as “Amazing,” Thailand is a beautiful country. It is tropical, warm, fertile, mountainous and forested with jungle, and over 15 million tourists from all over the world are enchanted by its high-end beach resorts and modern cities every year.

Its people,95% of whom are Buddhist, are warm, hardworking, hospitable, and outwardly gentle and happy. The average income in Thailand is around $4,000 US per year – depending on the region and occupation — with people in the cities earning far more than those in rural areas. That means that the average Thai person working six days a week, 12 hours a day, is earning a little over $300 US per month.



Although it’s considered an “emerging economy,” Thailand has high unemployment and very low wages. Rural families, who live on far less than the average, often send their children to the cities for a chance at a better income, with the expectation that the children will contribute back to the families. After all, according to traditional custom, a girl’s first duty is to support her family by whatever means she can.

Why am I telling you this? Simple. Here’s that dose of reality.

Many people, particularly young women, will do anything to earn the money to fulfill that obligation. In addition to Bangkok, They flock to popular tourist areas like Phuket, Chiang Mai, Lampang, Koi Samui and Pattaya, where they actively look for financial opportunity. And there are plenty of Thai women who will do anything to latch onto an unsuspecting Western man who has the resources to help them. And I don’t want that unsuspecting Western man to be you!


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