Maybe the most difficult part of online dating is figuring out how to best represent yourself in an honest way, while highlighting your best attributes and personality traits.

This guide will help you build an online dating site profile which will give you the best chance of attracting the woman of your dreams.

Although you may be eager to dive into the online dating world, it is important you put off getting in contact with women until you build a solid profile that will represent you when they get your communication, and show you off in the best light.

Take your time and be patient enough to build a profile that attracts the kind of women you’re really looking for.

Here Are Our Top Tips for Building a Winning Profile

1. Don’t Get Carried Away: No woman wants to read a novel. It makes you seem verbose and more interested in yourself than them. Include the crucial details, but leave some things to the imagination so you have something to talk about when you first meet.

2. Write About the Guy You Are, Not the Guy You Wish You Were: It would be easy to talk about how you have a full head of hair, are in perfect shape, and have deep blue eyes. But if that’s not who you are then you’re being unfair to your potential matches, and to yourself.

Starting a relationship on the premise of dishonesty is not only a guaranteed way to doom it from the start, but when you come to the point in your relationship where you want to meet in person, your lies will be exposed.

Someone out there will like you for who you are, it’s important to present yourself in a way that facilitates that.

3. Leave the Past Off Your Profile: In order to have a fresh start in romance, you have to keep your past to yourself. This means you should avoid listing any failed relationships or complaints about other women in your profile.

4. Be Realistic About Your Expectations: Countless love stories begin with the phrase “I never thought that we were compatible, BUT…” By listing what you want in a relationship you can whittle down the list of people who you know are incompatible based on religion or age, but by listing personality traits you must have in a woman, you are limiting yourself to what you think you want versus what is actually right for you.

5. Stand Out: Writing the same boring profile as every other guy out there will not set you apart. You don’t want to be too colorful, but you want to have something in your profile that really showcases who you are.

Try making a mental list of adjectives you would use to describe yourself and then instead of listing them in your profile, list the ways that they manifest themselves. In other words, show them rather than tell them.

6. Get Them Laughing: Instead of listing that you have a good sense of humor, showcase it in your profile. When writing about yourself try to keep self-deprecation to a minimum, whilst still making it clear you can laugh at yourself.

Studies show women are more likely to choose a man that can make them laugh than a man who is willing to pay for dinner. A funny anecdote will not only help paint a picture of the kind of times a woman can look forward to having with you, but it also shows you’re someone who enjoys life.

7. Consider What Picture to Upload: A simple picture of you smiling goes a long way. Don’t try to be anything you’re not, let your potential matches fall for the real you. Most important of all don’t upload a picture of someone other than yourself because they’re good looking.

It’s a wasted exercise as the truth will out when you meet!

8. Keep It Honest And Keep It Clean: If you’re looking for a real relationship online, then having sexual innuendos all over your profile will often be a deterrent for women.

While the relationship might very well develop enough to have physical contact, it’s important not to have that at the forefront of your online presentation.

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