Do You Have “Tinder Burnout”?

Every single day, an estimated 3.5 million single men turn to Tinder to find true love. Since the app launched, it has logged more than 100 million download. But are those so-called matches really all they are stacked up to be? That is what we will look at in this post. The typical Tinder user spends an average of 90 minutes each day swiping and swiping and swiping….yet a full one-third of Tinder swipers never actually go out on a single date! In any other area of life, if you invest 90 minutes of every day of your life into a single activity, you would want to have something substantial and lasting to show for it. No wonder Tinder “burnout” is rampant amongst adult singles today. No wonder so many eligible bachelors who have so much to offer the right woman end up staying single day after day and year after year!
Why Traditional Dating Is NOT Dead
Here at Meet Me Now Bangkok, we have combined the best aspects of digital dating together with a solid foundation of traditional dating to help you spend the least time to get the most results. Instead of endless rounds of superficial swiping and dead-end text-based chit-chat that eats up your free time and gives you nothing in return, perhaps it is time to return to dating’s relationship-focused roots and go out on a real old-fashioned date! If you have “Tinder Burnout,” you may be thinking right now, “Oh no – not more dating. I am too tired and I don’t believe in true love anymore.” Well, we would like to have a chance to change your mind! Our coffee date service and dating tours will restore your faith in true love by putting you face to face with lovely, intelligent, trustworthy and vibrant Thai and Asian ladies to have real, memorable conversations in person. You can’t dive down beneath the surface of another person by swiping on their profile picture. It just isn’t possible. But by going out on a real date with someone whose full profile truly interests you, you can begin to fall in love with who they are and not just what they look like. And by making yourself available for in-person, face to face dates, you offer them that same chance to fall in love with all of you and everything you are.
Why Face to Face Dating Succeeds Where Tinder Fails
In many ways, Tinder turns ordinary folks into addicts. Swiping is so fast and so easy, and it can feel like you are really accomplishing something when all you are really doing is keeping yourself from ever knowing another person beyond their face and figure. While the actual split is not known, all experts agree that successful communication is at least equal parts verbal and nonverbal. In other words, it is not just what we say that indicates whether we “click” with another person or not. It is also how we say it and what our body says to the other person while we are saying it.Tinder won’t ever give you nonverbal communication cues to let you know if another person really likes you or not. So you are always left wondering as you keep swiping and swiping…until at last you feel defeated enough to give up entirely. Maybe you even decide to “cut yourself off” from Tinder and delete the app itself, but deep inside you there is still that lingering voice that says, “but I really want to meet a special woman, even though I no longer believe that is going to happen to me in my life.” It can happen the moment you put down your phone, step out of your digital comfort zone and choose to meet a real, three-dimensional woman for an in person traditional date. You will get the verbal communication and the body language – and so will she. If you don’t click, you haven’t wasted any time in swiping or texting. If you do connect, you may never have to make another swipe again!
How Meet Me Now Bangkok Can Help You Find True Love
Tinder is great for singles who are still not ready to really make a commitment to a special someone in a lasting way. Maybe they are still soul-searching or trying to figure out who they are, let alone who they want to date and be with. But if you know who you are and you know the qualities you are looking for in your significant other, and you are serious about being in a high quality relationship, your true love is likely not waiting for you on Tinder. She may be waiting for you here at Meet Me Now Bangkok, where our Thai and Asian ladies have taken the time out of their own lives to meet with us, share their hearts, express how they feel about the kind of man they want to share their lives with and put themselves out there to date and connect. We know each lady personally and can vouch for their beauty, health, intelligence, well-roundedness and heartfelt interest in finding a long-lasting relationship with a high quality gentleman. When you come into our offices, you can spend some time viewing information on each of our ladies and arrange face to face dates with the ladies you want to meet. The time you spend talking with us will pay off with the chance to make new friends and possibly meet the love of your life – and you won’t have to make a single swipe to do it!
About Meet Me Now Bangkok

We are a matchmaking company that has built an internationally respected reputation for providing the highest quality dating services for Western guys seeking a long-term, committed relationship with a Thai woman.

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Nathamon Madison is a matchmaker & owner of Meet Me Now Bangkok, Thailand’s most trusted Introduction & Dating Agency. It’s Nathamon’s vision to help genuine guys find beautiful & trustworthy asian girls from proven backgrounds. She’s been married to her western husband for 12 years and has written several books and informational DVDs about romance between asian women and western men. Meet Me Now Bangkok operates an online dating service called Thai Lady Date Finder. They also offer local dating services for singles at Thai Lady Dating Events. Guys interested in international dating will find a tour package at Thai Lady Dating Tours. If you’re ready to find love there’s no one better to help you find a sensational soulmate.

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