Meet Gorgeous Thai Lady “Ja” from Pechabun


You can call me Ja. I’m 165cm tall and weighs 52 kg. I have two children from my past relationship.

They complete my life and make me happy. I came from a simple family in Pechabun province. I have

beautiful long black hair, nice smile and good personality. At first, I am shy with new people around me

but when you get to know me, I’m fun to be with. I am happy to learn new things. I finished vocational

college. I am a manager in a clothing company for 5 years in Udon Thani. I can read, write and speak

some English. I am willing to learn more to communicate better. Right now, I work in Chonburi province

close to Bangkok. I still work as a manager for a clothing shop. In the future I am thinking of having my

own business like selling clothes and beauty products online. I like to dress up that is because of my

work. I’m responsible mother to my children. I make sure that I keep in touch with them since I work in

a different province. I want to give them a good education and future. I know they will grow up as

responsible individuals. They inspire me to work hard and be better. I hope when I meet my special

man in the future, he will be able to accept my children.



Hobbies / Idea of A Perfect Weekend

I like sports and I often swim. A perfect weekend for me is when you spend it with the people you love

and care. If I will be spending it with my future lover, first I want him to get to know me by showing him

around my hometown. I will show him my humble place in the country side. I want to spend time with

him on a romantic dinner by the beach. We can watch the stars or walk in the beach. I want to know

what makes him happy and what are the things that he enjoys doing.



Ideal Man

I want to meet a guy who is responsible, caring, loving and respectful. A guy can be older than me or

same my age. If he drinks on occasion it’s fine with me. If he has kids of his own, I will take care of

them like my own. I will accept him as who he is. I don’t care about his past, but I care about the future

that we will build together. I want to have a loving family that will be strong when there is problem in

the future. I want to learn western culture. If he wants to speak Thai I will be happy to teach him and he

can teach me English. You can write to me if you want to ask me more.



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