Meet Gorgeous Thai Lady “Eiw” from Maha Sarakham

My name is Eiw. I’m 167 cm tall and weighs 53 kg. I’m from Maha Sarakham which is the city in the Northeast of Thailand. My family has a trade business. I have 3 siblings and I’m the youngest. I’m simple, easygoing, kind, sincere, honest and friendly. That’s why I’m good at making friend and social skills. I have 2 kids, I’ve been married but my husband died 3 years ago. I graduated with a Bachelor of Marketing. I’m a business owner. I do trade with a government sector for 10 years. In the future, I want to own an air conditioner business in Bangkok like cleaning and selling air conditioner. Because  now, there are just few air conditioner service shop in Bangkok but the demand is higher, so I thought It would work to do this business in the future.




I like to watch TV, cooking and having  dinner with family. I always take good care of myself to stay healthy and have a good body. I used to be a volleyball player. On the weekend, I like to spend time together with someone I love. We will go to the beach, mountainside, watch a movie or watch a concert together. I miss having a lover whom I can spend a special time with.

Ideal Man

Now I’m looking for someone who can fulfill this family to be a real family, someone who is  sincere, honest, cheerful, kind, love all my family as yours and don’t lie. I like guy who is mature. I don’t want to have a kid because I have 2 kids already, but I don’t mind if he has a kid. I will love his kid as my own. I don’t need a perfect one but just a simple guy who can make me laugh and be a good dad for my kids. Someone who will accept me as I am. I will be open to understand and learn his culture. I will teach him Thai ways and understand our cultural differences. I’m ok to relocate to live with him in another country.



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