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Ann Siriam, a Thai Super Star

But you’ve probably not heard of her if you’re not Thai.

That’s because she’s a Thai superstar.

She’s very famous and we’ve all seen her on Thai TV.

Like many of us, Ann had a broken marriage.

And, like many of us, she thought the chances of her being happy in love again were not good.

So for her, life was just working, work, work.

And going on vacations alone. 

Until, out of the blue, bang, she meets this Western guy.

It’s a great story of how he won her over and both their lives changed.


You can read it below.

It does go to show: you never know when your life’s going to change and love finds you, again.

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The Reference Article.

Ann Siriam, a former heroine of the Thai entertainment industry, whose long absence from the screen. 

As her Thai Fans see her happily cruising through

Instagram app. The heroine was visited to a talk show program and talked about her last love with the foreigner husband, Show Zap on ONE channel which hosting by Nino Methinee, Tanya Tunyares and Shompooh, the comedian star. 


Q : How did you both meet each other?

A : “I met him in Thailand and he was hitting on me. Honestly, the foreigners is not my type. My friend and I just on vacation on that days and he just rent the resort for himself. And we accidentally meet again and he wrote the sweet e-mail to me after that. it was difficult for me to translate at first.


Q : Did he know that you are a famous person in Thailand?

A : “No, he didn’t. Maybe he did not think that I look like an actress.”


Q : What changed your mind at the thought of marrying again?

A : “I just think I’m getting old every day. If I miss this opportunity it could have no chance anymore.


Q : Your daughter agrees to this marriage?

A : “Yes she does, because they both can go along together. When he’s with my kid, he will be like a friend and he will teach her more than me. Because I’m quite not good at looking after my child. With my motherhood I want my child to do this and that, but Justin said no, we have to listen to and calm. Actually, it is me who have to adapt. So it makes everything can go along together.


Q : Is there any sweet moment?

A : “It will be about whether an understanding and mutual respect.”


Q : The SNS said that you decide to marry because he is rich? 

A : “Absolutely not, I got married for 4 years. We just don’t go around, don’t come out in any TV programs. Justin status is normal. He is industrious, Honestly, the reason that I choose him because he is a hard-worker, love family. I always believe that if he is diligent, respect each other, Love my family. My life is finally happy.


Q : How about your returning to the TV show?

A : “I will come back on the ONE1 channel on the role of a villain. This is my first time to act as a villain. Moreover, I want to work with a team of the new generation. They said that the ratings of this channel is very good. I will be back on the dramatic “Wi Marn Dao” soon.



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