5 Things You Need to Know About Thai Culture

Marrying a Thai Girl? Learn the Thai Culture and the Role of Women in Thailand. Is there a Thai girl that caught your interest and attention? Do you think you are now ready to take the relationship to the next level? If you are sure of this and is already planning to propose to her, there are important things you have to consider and understand first.

So before taking the relationship further and before asking her hand in marriage, it is important that you understand the Thai culture and the woman’s role in her family and society. Doing so is essential in avoiding future conflict with your partner and ensuring the happiness and success of your relationship in the long run.

  1. Thailand has a hierarchical society; this applies to family, social, and business relationships. This means that parents are considered superior to their children, managers to their subordinates, teachers to their students, and so on. Thus, when you encounter a local, expect to be placed within a hierarchy. You will be categorized and treated according to your general appearance, age, job, education, etc.
  2. Thais favor harmonious relations. Greater emphasis and value are placed on politeness, self-control, respect, and friendly demeanor and the outward forms of courtesy. Thai people are non-confrontational in general and will avoid criticism and public dispute if possible. Their social etiquette is highly influenced by Buddhism.

So when there are instances when you find yourself very frustrated over a situation (especially when dealing with government officials), you have to stay patient and avoid having a discussion in public. Even if you think you are right, it is best to keep your cool and bring your case in a calm demeanor.

  1. Great reverence is given to the King and the royal family. This is mainly due to the King’s more than six decades of good public serviceand humility. So, don’t be surprised to see posters of him on taxi dashboards and buildings. And when his anthem is played before sporting events, concerts, or movies, stand up to show your respect. Also, avoid making disparaging remarks about the royal family to avoid being treated with hostility by the locals.
  2. The Wai is the common form of greeting. It is done by pressing the palms together at the nose or chest level and nodding the head slightly. If you have spent ample time in Thailand, then you may have practiced this gesture already. If not yet, then start doing it more often now that you are going to be married to a Thai woman.
  3. Gay people are tolerated (and generally respected in Thailand). They are very visible in society and enjoy a great deal of freedom in expressing themselves.


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