Things You Should Know Before Popping the Big Question To Your Thai Lady

  1. Her reasons for marrying you

She might be marrying you for the same reason you are marrying her, but let’s not forget the cultural differences influencing her decision to do so. In a survey, Thai women answered that they prefer American men because:

  • American guys (as perceived by some ladies) are more faithful and less promiscuous than their Thai counterpart.
  • Have more financial resources than Thai guys. This is a very big deal since Thai girls are looked upon to provide for their family and so having a husband who has the capacity to give financial assistance in times of need plays a big part in selecting their husband.
  • Have white skin. (Although objectionable for most, young Thai girls do look to white men as better and more attractive.) This perception is generally influenced by globalization and the popularity of the Western culture.

Of course, the above mentioned survey is not conclusive. There could be many other reasons your Thai girl chooses you above the rest.

  1. What the two of you have in common

Many Americans propose to marry a Thai girl for the only reason that she is beautiful, only realizing a year or two later they have very little or nothing in common. For example, the girl doesn’t speak much English and can’t communicate effectively with her guy. Or, they just have different interests and would not exert much effort to get involved with what the other is interested about.

Before you propose, be absolutely sure that you have many things in common and that you are happy with the relationship. This ensures that your marriage is more likely to last and you will be satisfied in your expectations.

  1. Your feelings towards her family

Marrying your Thai girlfriend means marrying her whole clan. Ok that’s a bit exaggerated but remember that Thai ladies have close relationships with their families. So when you marry one, make sure that you are comfortable with her closeness to her family, that you don’t mind extending financial help, and that you are Ok if her parents will stay with you.

If you can’t imagine yourself dealing with all of these, then proposing marriage to a Thai girl is probably not for you. However, arrangements can always be undertaken and Thai families tend to give a lot of consideration to your wishes and are more likely to make adjustments for you and their daughter’s sake. Just be sure to explain this to them thoroughly and let your fiancée help in making them understand.

  1. Your willingness to embrace a new culture

Interracial marriage is for the open-minded, for those who are open to learn and embrace a new culture. Many American men living in Thailand have only scratched the surface of what makes the locals tick, and often the main hindrance has something to do with the culture. So, if you’re not willing to adapt to her culture, give yourself some time first to decide if such marriage is for you.

The East meets West – no, I’m not referring to the movie but to the current marriage trends these days. Thanks to online dating sites, social networks, and instant messaging services, many men from the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other western countries are finding the love of their life in Asia.

And among those Asian nations currently seeing a rise in international, or rather interracial marriages is Thailand. It is not surprising that many American guys find Thai women an ideal partner because aside from their natural beauty, they are also sincere and extremely supportive and helpful of their husbands. You can see Thai ladies as:

  • Easy to get along with. Thais in general are easy going; they are not hard to deal with. This can be attributed to the country’s predominant religion, Buddhism, which is centered on promoting peace.
  • More traditional and very family oriented. Thailand’s culture places great value on family, particularly in giving respect to the elderly and on performing one’s duties and responsibilities within the family.
  • More feminine in their behaviors and appearance. Many men perceived the feminist movement to have made many American women more competitive and less feminine in part as they care less with looking attractive to men who are looking for marriage. Thai ladies on the other hand, as underscored by their culture, are more soft spoken and polite, contributing to their feminine allure.
  • More exotic and beautiful. Those looking for something different or unique will perfectly find it in the natural beauty specially possessed by Thai ladies.

Of course, besides knowing that she’s the best thing created after slice bread, you should take into equation the consequences of interracial marriage. Particularly, you should know what you are getting into so that there are no surprises in the future and that you will be able to relate to her better and be happy in your relationship.

       5. Adjusting to their culture well

Knowing what you are up against before proposing to your Thai girlfriend is the key to your happiness. So be sure that you have adjusted well to their culture before popping the big question.

It would not be very difficult to do so as the Thai people are very respectful and sincere. You are actually going to love them regardless of how bizarre their beliefs may sometimes be. In fact, most Americans who have gone to Thailand are drawn not only to the amazing attractions, but the people and culture as a whole.

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