More and More Western Men Are Choosing Asian Women

Is it true? 

And is it something you’d consider?

Nowadays, while most guys are saying it’s getting harder to find the “Right One”, there’s  a bunch of guys who are looking to Asia to find their lovers and wives. 

So what’s the attraction between Asian women and western guys?

Everyone is looking for a special person who has the potential to become a lifelong partner.

Do you want to find a woman who will be supportive, loyal, and kind?

According to Pew Research, more and more Western men are choosing Asian women.

If you’re intrigued by the idea, the Asian dating site “Thai Lady Dating Tour” can help you find the perfect partner.

But before dating any Asian lady, it’s important to understand why guys are saying they  make wonderful partners.

“Characteristics of Asian Women Men Just Love…”

There’s a number of characteristics Asian women possess, which Western men find attractive.

Do you agree?

  • Natural Appearance. Western males are not impressed by women who pile on the makeup. Many prefer a look that’s not fake. Most Asian women have a pure style that’s appealing. Also, most have beautiful black hair, a thin figure, and welcoming eyes. This exotic appearance is often considered mysterious and sexy.


  • Different Culture. Asian women bring another culture to a relationship. This can be a challenge.  But by being around this new culture, you learn all about the difference between Western ways of life versus Asian culture. This will keep things fresh. Also, having different views of life help each person in the relationship retain their individual identity.


  • Loyalty and Affection. Asian ladies are known for their loyalty and the affection that they show. Most Asian females value their relationships and will do anything to please their partners. Also, they are quite affectionate. Besides hugs and outward signs of love they tend to try to please their partners behind closed doors as well.


  • Allow Men to Feel Masculine. Asian females usually let their men control thei relationships. Men can plan what they do together for fun and when they do it. Unlike Western girls, Asian women are less likely to be bossy or stubborn.


What To Expect When Dating Asian Ladies

Asian girls are different than those in the Western world.

Instead of hooking up on the first date, Asian women prefer to establish a solid friendships with men.

Asian females are often conservative.

By becoming friends with this type of woman, you can get close to her and let things develop slowly. You should not rush things or feel rejected if you don’t see flirting signs immediately.  

But make no mistake.  Asian women admire masculine traits in men.  And calm confidence is one of the best.  So when the time is right, you should be clear you find her attractive and would like to take it to the next level.

Dealing With Her  Family

When you begin dating an Asian lady, you will have to deal with her family.

That’s because Asian culture is extremely family oriented.

Women will seek approval from relatives so that family honor is upheld.

Fortunately, you’ll not be introduced to her family immediately. This usually occurs after a relationship has become serious, and you’re thinking about a marriage proposal.

To impress her family, it’s important to understand how to act with politeness.

Yes, most Asian women have families who want a mate who can care for her financially and who will love her without limits. Who doesn’t, right?  But you may be surprised to find – in this day and age – just how influential her family’s opinion is going to be in her decision to be with you.

Although you may feel pressure to meet expectations, her loyalty to her family will become loyalty to you as you become a part of her life.


 Asian Women Make Good Wives

If you are looking for a stable, loving relationship, here are the top reasons why you should choose an Asian female as your spouse.

  • Homemaking Skills. Don’t laugh.  Which guy can say he doesn’t love the ideaof being with a great homemaker?  Asian women often take charge of a household and have great homemaking skills. They tend to be very organized, which means that the house will always be kept clean and business in order. Many of these women are great in the kitchen, so dinner will always be filled with delicious food. Creating a large and tasty meal will be effortless.


  • Monogamous. In today’s Western world, the sad truth is, it’s not uncommon for a woman’s eye to wander.  TV and movies seem to say she’s not being “true to herself” unless she goes and finds real love – even if she’s in a serious relationship. The last thing that you want is to find out that your wife is having an affair. Asian ladies typically have strong family values and honor.  It is important to the family to be sincere and monogamous. This means that the’ll stay true to their husbands, especially if they are treated well. These traits are instilled from an early age and are reinforced throughout life.


  • Maternal. Asian women value family. Since they are brought up in a nurturing environment, they pass on the feelings of security and love to their husbands and children. If you want a caring wife, this is the way to go. Not only will she treat you good, but she will be a wonderful mother to your kids as well.

Is A Relationship With An Asian Lady Right For You?

After hearing all of the many reasons why many Western men are marrying Asian ladies, you may be interested in getting to know Asian ladies who are also marriage minded.

To begin the search for the perfect mate, it goes without saying you should use a trusted and proven Asian dating site.  

You should be careful of bars.  Because, unlike Western countries, single ladies don’t usually go to bars unless they are “working girls”.  If they do, it’s almost always with a large group of friends or work colleagues.  In which case, there’s not much opportunity for you to meet.

The traditional….and still the best way…to meet an Asian lady is by being introduced by a trusted friend or family member.

That’s why I and my team at “ ,” can help you.

We personally meet the ladies we promote to guys and know their background story.

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