Meet “Meena” – A Wonderful Thai Lady

Hello, I’m working woman from Sakon Nakhon province, a single mom and I have 3 children. My daughters were born in 1997, 2007 and my son was born in 1999, they are good children and intelligent person. I believe in sincerity, honesty in relationships and respect. I like to exercise and I’m a member of aerobics dance at the park. I’ll do that during Monday to Friday. I’m very happy with aerobics dance before I can talk to the people. I tried jogging but I don’t like because I think it’s boring. I like to cook, watch sport, listen to music especially Rock music, watch a movie (all kinds of movies), read books especially Forex stock books because I want to be a good Trader. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Economics. I have my own transportation business for 10 years now and have 7 employees working with me. In the future, I would like to be a Trader in the stock market and train who is interested.



My Idea of A Perfect Weekend

I like to spend time with my children. We like to go to the temple to make alms or try something new. I would like to spend time with my lover as well. We will travel to see new places or drive and enjoy good view, find nice coffee shop and enjoy the time. We can also have a romantic dinner, we can cook together or go to a nice restaurant, watch movie after dinner and on weekend we will organize house together.



Ideal Man

I believe in destiny. I’m looking for the right man who is interested in the same things, who has a beautiful smile, warm and kind. He must be smart and handsome. We will support each other and when we have a problem we will talk, listen and understand each other. I will take care of you the best I can and I’m willing to learn a new culture and new things. I’m also flexible about having more children if my partner really wanted to.



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