Wow! This is so inspiring.

Here’s a Canadian couple who are celebrating 70 years of marriage!!

Saskatchewan couple celebrating 70 years of marriage


That’s a long time to stay together through thick and thin, good times and bad.

No wonder why they were on the news!

Congratulations to them.

Does it make you curious how they stayed in love all those years?

Let’s face it…

In our generation, it’s getting rare to see couples who last longer than a few decades

What’s their secret?

Sure, divorce is easier to get, nowadays. But is that it?

Marriage was still difficult in those days, too.

No one was perfect back then, either.

I think that when two imperfect people try to build a life together, there’ll be issues…it’s just the way it is.

This couple had challenges in their lives..but they worked it out.

Maybe the WILL to work it out and just not give up, isn’t what it used to be.

I love how they say EIGHT MILES was considered a “long distance relationship” back in their day.

They weren’t joking.

Especially if you had to walk those eight miles in the snow…lol.

Isn’t it amazing?

Today, you can be anywhere in just 24 hours.

Today, you can talk face to face with your sweetheart from your phone.

It’s great if you want to find someone who shares your commitment to making a relationship work.

Because now you can find her even if she’s much further away than eight miles.

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