When it comes to the age difference between couples, seems everyone’s got an opinion.

And the Thai Visa Forum is always a good place to check ’em out.

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For me, relationship is a matter of compatibility and shared values.

That’s why here at Thai Lady Date Finder, we work so hard to find singles who are compatible with each other.

But…and I see this all the time…

In Asia, there’s a high tolerance for a greater age differences between couples.

Or to be more clear: Asian women are more likely to consider older men as potential partners, than our western sisters.

It’s why you may find a white, 50-year-old atheist man, happily married to a 26-year-old Thai Buddhist woman.

In Asian culture, race, religion and age differences doesn’t carry the same stigma as it does with folks back in the West.

Why is that?

Well, everyone’s got an opinion.
And if you look around, I’m sure you’ll find an example to back up any opinion.

But I don’t think it’s too complicated.

From the beginning of time, women have need security.
Without security, there’s no way to bring a family into the world.
It’s in the DNA.
Women seek security and men seek to provide. Or at least, prove they can.

Maybe a better question is, why is it NOT like that in the West?
Because it used to be, right?

Think about it.
100 years ago in the West, it was exactly the same.
Arranged marriages, sensible choices, being careful about choosing the right person.
And the family having a big say in the whole thing.
Security. Security. Security.

Nowadays, government assistance helps out.
Back in the day, women had to make better choices.

So I think there lots of reasons.
And in the mix, is the fact that Asian society is still traditional and family orientated.
In history, the next generation has always relied on security of the home.

Are you looking for the right Thai Lady for you?

Someone who can be a genuine and trustworthy life partner?

If so, send me a message or call us.

Because more important than age, is finding someone who’s compatible and shares your values.

See you soon


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